When people hire me for hymn critiques, here are some of the things we discuss:

  • Does your hymn elicit a strong emotion from the singer/listener? Text, text, text.
  • Is the melody of your hymn easy to sing and remember? Text, text, text.
  • Can the harmonic language be easily understood and affect an emotion without being jarring to the ear? Text, text, text.
  • Does your hymn text represent a clear doctrinal message? Text, text, text.
“Doug’s hymn writing features fresh, imminently singable melodies to beautiful devotion texts. They expand our notion of what a hymn can be while maintaining a connection to the hymnody of the past. I can’t think of a better way to enliven congregational singing than to sing Doug’s music.”
— Dr. Carlton Monroe, Music Director, St. Thomas Episcopal Church

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text, text, text

“Douglas Pew is a prolific composer. His output is amazing and includes opera, oratorio and cantatas. His works are well-crafted and appealing. Though he has many works for orchestra and chamber combinations, he is at his best writing for the human voice.”
— Dr. Darwin Wolford, Composer, Organist
“The hymn writing of Douglas Pew shows a great attention to the text and the way in which music declares the power and meaning of those words. Melodies are tuneful and accessible while at the same time displaying a strongly crafted musical style.”
— Dr. Jonathan Giblin, Music Director, Fairfax United Methodist Church
“In Douglas Pew, we have a fresh new voice in contemporary sacred music. His craftsmanship in the art of composition is readily demonstrated in his outstanding cantata “The Good Shepherd.” In this cantata, we hear his superb work in the writing of hymns, solo arias, and choruses. His writing for voices and instruments is filled with sensitivity and beauty, always complementing the spirit of the text. We have much to look forward to in the future compositional output of this exciting new American composer.”
— Dr. Craig Jessop, Former Director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
“The caliber of Douglas Pew’s hymn writing is remarkable. He possesses an exceptional ability to match the affect of the music with the text. He combines expert part-writing with singable melodies that possess all of the attributes of a hymn of the highest quality. Doug’s intentionality and skill allow him to communicate the messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the medium of the hymn in a most powerful yet humble manner. They are musical gems yet not complicated or difficult to sing or understand. His hymn writings are tremendously needed additions to church music today.”
— Jason Gunnell, Associate Director of Music and Organist, St. Thomas Episcopal Church
“Doug carries within him a deep devotion to the Lord and a spiritual maturity rarely found in modern composers. Certainly, his religious creations, and especially his hymns, convey that faith and devotion in a most personal and moving manner. It is rare that such gifted composers have the spiritual maturity to speak in such an effective way as to communicate those personal spiritual manifestations, and through compositions that genuinely touch those who participate as listeners.”
— Dr. LaMar Barrus, BYU-Idaho, retired

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