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Bagatelles - Kara Huber at The Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, Four Seasons Centre

Music and sports don’t seem to mix but in reality, there are a surprising number of people devoted to both. I, for one, am a baseball and an opera fan, as I am fond of saying that both are long-winded! American pianist Kara Huber is giving a noon hour concert at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre on Thursday, April 14 which she calls Baseball, Yoga, and Other Sports for the Contemporary Pianist.  She’s performing works inspired by the world of sports. The program includes a world premiere by David Rakowski and the Canadian premiere of Douglas Pew’s Bagatelles, as well as Canadian composer Alexina Louie’s Put on Your Running Shoes and a work by Annie Gosfield inspired by the pivotal Yankees-Dodgers Game 4 in the 1941 World Series. Sounds like fun!  Here’s a PDF of the program.