Douglas Pew and Dara Weinberg succeeded beautifully with a moving, touching, funny and meaningful piece called ‘A Game of Hearts’. Not only did the opera work as theater with Dara’s excellent libretto, Doug went to the root of the emotional world of the opera and wrote music that illuminated the characters and situation with a showman’s touch and poet’s soul. He let it take flight.
— Jake Heggie, composer
Mr. Pew’s score—mirabile dictu—soars into a beautiful, Romantic vocal triptych. It was a stunning, quality moment. Vocal composers today are still haunted by Puccini. They fear Puccini, fear his gift for melodies and arias, and are deathly afraid to be compared unfavorably to him. Mr. Pew and Ms. Weinberg evidently do not fear Puccini. Monday evening’s Terrace audience didn’t miss this magical moment during which this young team fully re-engaged with tradition.
— Washington Times, Terry Pinock covering the American Opera Initiative
Like most of the audience, I was enthralled by the selection from ‘A Game of Hearts’ [by Douglas Pew and Dara Weinberg] that was performed at the Kennedy Center last night. It’s clear that they have an innate talent for writing opera; this was a beautiful first step to composing their first full-length work.
— Mark Campbell, librettist

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